Larissa, 16, Brazil. "I am the forgotten to be remembered."

Louis rubbing Harry’s bicep x


So tonight was the best night ever. My friends and I were walking around after the show looking Taylor and/or Ed. We had been walking around for about 30/40 minutes when we saw a bunch of security people stopping traffic to let a black Cadillac on to the busy street. One guy was wearing a Taylor Swift pass so we knew it had something to do with her. 2 black Cadillacs pulled out and we were looking into the first one but didn’t see anything. The second car goes by and we see her bangs and blonde hair through the tinted windows. It took a moment for it to sink in that it was really her but we quickly started chasing after the car. Thankfully traffic was moving really slowly so we were waving at her for about 5 minutes and she was waving back. We literally ran down the street screaming and no one had any idea why, they were looking at us like we were crazy. Her car stopped again in traffic and we were making hand movements trying to tell her driver to let her roll the window down but he wouldn’t. Next thing I know she’s hopping out of the back seat and says “okay quick group photo!!!” By this time there was about 10 other people who had realized and stopped behind us. We immediately ran over freaking out and took a few photos with her before she had to leave. She was walking to her car when my friend says “you’re seriously the greatest thank you” and Taylor grabbed her hand and said “I love you!” She’s honestly the sweetest person ever.

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Harry Potter + Potions.

It’d be two, three in the morning and I’d be singing full power at the top of my voice. My sister’d be banging on the wall, going: “shut up, you can’t even sing. Go to sleep.” 

  1. Me: I should do something with my life
  2. Me: *opens tumblr*


Stand Up To Cancer.




Onedirection: The ‘Where We Are Live From San Siro Stadium’ DVD is full of behind the scenes